090304 WOD

WOD: Courtesy of SF Crossfit, Kelly Starrett

Back Squat, 225 pounds
Ring Dips

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Back Squat, 225#
Ring Dips


Back Squat, 185#
Ring Dips (assisted with band, or bar dips)


Back Squat, 95#
Bar Dips (or dips on bench)

Go heavy on the back squats, but don’t sacrifice proper depth and from. For a back squat to “count”, hips must pass below the knees at the bottom of the squat. As far as the ring dips, if you have rings, go for it. If no rings, use parallel bars. Get as much depth as you can, elbows at least to a 90* angle during the “dip”, or if you have rings, shoulders touch the rings at the bottom.

If available, do a hard 500m Row for a warm-up.


Article: Stretching, are we doing it effectively?

Midline stabilization is essential for effective functional movement. Kelly Starrett, of San Francisco CrossFit, explains the essential anatomy and physiology of it in this excerpt from his one day seminar at CrossFit Santa Cruz on November 9, 2008.” This is an excerpt from the Crossfit Journal, where a video of Kelly Starrett (from todays WOD demo) explains effective stretching.

See the rest of the video here.



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2 responses to “090304 WOD

  1. woody

    been watching those midline stabilization videos, they’re awesome

  2. Back Squat/Ring Dip WOD

    6:46 as RX’d

    I’m sore already. Did Thruster/Double Unders beforehand and it was ugly.

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