090307 WOD

WOD: CF North Santa Cruz

3 Rounds
20 Kettlebell Swings, 53 pounds
40 Push Press, 45 pounds
60 Squats

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3 Rounds
20 KB Swings, 53 pounds
40 Push Press, 45 pounds
60 Squats


3 Rounds
10 KB Swings or Dumbell Swings, 35 pounds
20 Push Press, 45 pounds
30 Squats


3 Rounds
10 KB Swings or Dumbell Swings, 25 pounds
15 Push Press, 45 pounds
20 Squats

The key to all three of these movements are the hips. The kettlebell swing is driven by the hips momentum driving the KB up, the barbell is forced up by the hips in the Push Press, and finally all the power of the squat is generated from, you guessed it, the hips. There is a big buzz in fitness about “core” strength. I would agree, it’s a very important aspect of fitness, but what I don’t agree with is swiss balls, ab-loungers, the “24 hour fitness mentality”, quick weight-loss schemes, pills that “burn fat”. I do agree with hard work and thats what todays WOD is. The RX workout is 360 reps total of movements. Doing this type of workout is what will get you in shape, better yet, into elite fitness. You will undoubtedly be safer at your job, healthier in your everyday life, and generally kick more a##. Have fun and enjoy the ride.


Article: Developing Hip Function, A Hallmark of Athleticism (Scott Kustes, Life Spotlight)

“Previously, I discussed the role of the abdominals and lower back in maintaining health and athleticism. Today, I want to look at the role of the hips in athleticism. The musculature around the hips is possibly the most important complex in the body, yet is underdeveloped in most people.”

This is a great article on hip function and the role it takes in athleticism. Speaking of “core” strength, this is right on cue. If you’re having back, knee, lumbar, etc, types of pain, read this article! If you want to squat, deadlift, or clean more…read this article!



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3 responses to “090307 WOD

  1. Clink

    17min RX’d

    I did 40LB on the KB’s. Squats got a little sketchy there on the end, but i muscled through. even got my wife through a work out.

  2. Scott W.

    Intermediate – 9:52

    “I don’t feel very good.” – Napoleon Dynamite

  3. Rest day. Trying to recover…still.

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