090310 WOD

Workout: Crossfit.com, 10/31/05

Five rounds for time:
135 pound Bench press, 21 reps
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.


5 RD’s
135# Bench press, 21 reps
400m Run


5 RD’s
95# Bench press, 15 reps
400m Run (or 500m row)


3 RD’s
65# Bench press, 10 reps
400m Run (or 500m Row)

Here’s a video of Rip talking about basic set up for the bench press. For todays WOD, run if you can, if not, sub rowing. Have you started your workout log yet? If not, get a notepad, and do it. You’ll be thankful you did as your workouts progress and you have something to track your progress.


Video: “What about Abs?

Although Crossfit does not do formal “Ab days”, many of the movements are very core-intensive. Your abs will be developed, made stronger and ultimately keep you healthier. This is a video in which Coach Glassman talks about Abs.



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4 responses to “090310 WOD

  1. Woody

    17:40 as RX’d
    Good workout, felt like right when I got tired I was able to hammer out the bench to catch up on some time.
    finished up with some “hollow rocks”……………..ouch!!

  2. Scott W.

    500m row warmup

    KW- did Beginner with 5 rounds, 45# to 55# on the bench press. Did not keep time, but she did awesome.

    SW- Intermediate in 15:30ish…had some timekeeping problems. Felt like I could have done Rx, but not feeling it today cause we are at 5 or 6 days in a row. Probably rest tomorrow.

    Finished with a fast 500m row. No PR, but it wiped me out.

    Laters Mickey.

  3. Clink

    500m row warm up

    Intermediate in 18:42,
    P90X abs to finish up.


  4. Nice job guys. I feel like a loser not working out again.

    PS- don’t get sick.

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