090312 WOD

Workout: Push Press 7×3


There is no scaling for todays WOD.  It is 7 sets of 3 reps.  Ideally you add weight each set, if you reach a failure point.  Stick with the weight you were successful with.  If you’re new to the push-press, go light.  If you have experience, try to find a 3RM (3 rep max).  Remember the key is the “dip-drive”.  Here is a video about common mistakes of the push-press.  Compare this movement with the Shoulder Press and Push Jerk in this video as well.



Article: “Beat the Flu for $4 a month“, LifeSpotlight.com
“Ok, tis the season for everyone to start hacking and coughing and come down with something. Of course the best course of action is to never get sick in the first place…..but sometimes it happens. “
I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been “sick” for over a week.  Both my kids got eye/ear infections and my wife was/is sick for 2 weeks.  It’s getting ridiculous.  I danced around the brutal infections (so far), but just have felt weak lately.  This is a great article on easy ways to help us remain healthy, while everyone else hacks away!


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4 responses to “090312 WOD

  1. Woody

    Full warm up
    3 rounds
    .25 run
    10 reps-push ups, pullups, squats, situps, ringdips, back ext., and warrior stretch

    115-135-155-165-185-195-(200 FAILED)-185

    1000 Row

    200lb push press is f’ing heavy!!!
    supposed to be rest day, but felt good so I went for it.

  2. Push Press today at E7


    Felt pretty good, still getting back into the swing after this nagging sickness. Hacking/coughing a bit. The hair will be gone tomorrow night though!

  3. Woody

    That’ll be when you lose all your strength, nice on the 205lb, just couldn’t get 200, felt like things werre gonna break apart

  4. I agree, 200# is heavy. I need to get the weight more comfortable in the “rack” position, like in that video using the “dip/drive” vs. just press with my arms. Good stuff though.

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