090324 WOD “Chelsea”

WOD: “Chelsea”

Set up before a clock or timer, and every minute, on the minute, perform;

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

Can you continue for thirty minutes? Twenty? How about 10?

Post results to comments.

No scaling for todays WOD. If you’re a beginner or intermediate and cannot RX pull ups, use jumping pull-ups or band-assisted to lengthen the WOD. Remember that ROM (range-of-motion) is always key. Chin over the bar on PU’s, chest to the floor, arms fully extended on push ups, and hips below the knees on squats. Chelsea is another one of the “benchmark” Crossfit WOD’s. Have you started your workout log yet? Here’s mine.

After WOD, work on Hollow Rocks.


Video: “Technique and Intensity“, Dave Castro

We talk a lot about intensity and form (i.e. technique) in Crossfit. There is a fine line that we dance. When we push hard, our form takes a hit, if we go to soft and perfect every rep…the intensity is gone. Watch the video of Dave Castro talking about it, then watch this video of Tosh doing “Grace”, which is 135# Clean & Jerks, 30 reps for time. Watch around rep 13-15, when he gets tired, keeps pushing, but you can see his form degrade a bit. His back rounds, he uses his arms vs his hips. He still kills the WOD, but it’s a good example of what Castro was talking about.


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