090401 WOD

Workout: Diablo Crossfit 4/1/09

Strict Press

3, 3, 3, 3, 3


Sit Ups

Post loads used and time on Annie to comments.

No scaling for todays WOD. If you’re new to the Strict Press (also called shoulder press), start light. Ideally increase the weight every set. Keys are heels down, back locked and tight, the bar path should be straight up, moving your head out of the way of the bar on the way up. Remember “strict” means no movement from the lower body, shoulders, arms only. No “dip” like the push press and push jerk. Here is another important video to watch about the press.  Finish up with Annie. If you can’t do Double Unders, do 4x as many single unders for every double under (i.e., 200, 160, etc.).


Unfortunately, we are mourning the loss of another local hero. Captain John Nunes from Contra Costa County FD passed away yesterday morning after a battle with leukemia. I met him on a few occasions, he was a very good man.

Capt. Nune



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2 responses to “090401 WOD

  1. Strict Press
    165 (failed)
    160 (failed)

    Felt weak on these today. Bummer.

    10:35 as RX’d

    Sadly, thats a PR for me. I had a sub 10, easy, but friggin lost it on the round of 30 DU’s. Threw the rope, yelled, etc. One day…

  2. Scott W.

    Did the Strict Press…too embarrassed to post weights. Then did a row. Was a rest day, but felt good to do something.

    Kelly did a modified OPD Tribute WOD:

    400m run
    20 Deadlift @ 65 pounds
    20 Kick Jumps
    20 Push Press @ 45 pounds
    400m run

    She rocked it @ 10:23. I’m proud of her!

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