090423 WOD “SoCal Qualifer WOD #3”

Workout: “SoCal Qualifer WOD #3″

For Time:
2000m Row
Followed by six rounds of:
20 Box Jumps, 24” box
10 Wall Balls, 20lb. ball, 10ft. target


Article: “Handy Sandwich Alternatives“, Marks Daily Apple

Here’s a great article on some options instead of the standard sandwich.  Some ideas on what to get for lunch instead of the same old thing.



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2 responses to “090423 WOD “SoCal Qualifer WOD #3”

  1. Scott W.

    We did Helen at the Airport Club. Couldn’t really do today’s WOD at a conventional gym….we get enough weird looks.

    SW – Rx’d 12:30ish (had a treadmill breakdown)
    KW- Beginner 13:30

    Thanks, and good article today…

  2. Woody

    Did CF mainpage
    “Filthy 50”
    (no burpees)

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