090505 WOD “Front Squats”

Workout: Front Squats


Todays WOD is strictly front squats.  Do 5 sets of 5, try to go up in weight each set.  The key to the front squat is securing the bar in the “rack” position as high up on the clavicle as possible.  The second key is high elbow, which keep the bar in proper position.  If you’re new to the front squat, start and stay light.  If you’ve worked on it before, shoot for a bodyweight front squat by the end of your WOD.


Article: “What’s for Dinner Tonight?“, Marks Daily Apple

Coconut Encrusted Chicken Salad

Yesterday we covered the many nutritional benefits of coconut oil, so I wanted to follow it up with a delicious recipe featuring this tasty fat. I tried this recently and it really hit the spot.


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  1. Scott W.

    The Westropes did the OPD Memorial today…still a good one.

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