090627 WOD “100 Pull Ups”

Workout: “Pull Ups”

100 Pull Ups for time

Back Squat

Use todays WOD as a benchmark to compare your progress down the road.  If you have to modify the pull ups, thats fine, still do them.  You can do Kipping, dead-hang, jumping, band assisted, whatever it takes to get your head over the bar.  Remember to go full extension at the bottom as well.  Once you’re done with the pull ups, do a 3×5 back squat set to find a 3-rep max.

Post times for 100 pull ups,  and loads used on squats to comments.


Article: “Scale Obsession“, Marks Daily Apple

Do you have ‘scale obsession’?  Here’s a great article from Mark Sisson about that.


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