090629 WOD “Crossfit Total”

Workout: “CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Todays WOD you try and find your total for the 3 lifts combined.  You have 3 attempts at each lift, whether or not your are successful.  Make sure you keep your body position tight when attempting max lifts.  If you are not comfortable, stay in the “3 rep max” range.


Book: “The Primal Blueprint“, Mark Sisson

“Combining modern genetic science with the immutable principles of human evolution, health and fitness expert Mark Sisson presents a revolutionary, easy-to-follow program based on ten Primal Blueprint laws that will change your life forever:”

If you’ve read about the Paleo Diet, or followed Marks Daily Apple, you should check this book out. Post any thoughts on the book to comments. Or if by chance you own it already.



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4 responses to “090629 WOD “Crossfit Total”

  1. CFT today while on E8, done at Fusion Fitness.

    SP- 155
    BS- 365
    DL- 385

    Total- 905lbs.

    First time doing CFT in a long time. Didn’t want to risk too much, but feel good with my total given my focus in training has changed.

  2. Woody

    BS – 325
    SP – 195
    DL – 365
    Total – 885

  3. Woody

    Bro, I know, surprised me, I did it at Sonoma Co. CF, I was probably jacked up to be there!

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