090804 WOD “Jackie”

Workout: “Jackie

1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

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1000 meter row
50 x 45# Thrusters
30 x Pull-ups


1000 meter row
25 x 45# Thruster
15 x Pull-ups


500 meter row
20 x 45# Thrusters
10 x Pull-ups


Article: “Are Low Carb Diets Over-rated for Health and Longevity?”, Fitness Spotlight

misosoup Are Low Carb Diets Over rated for Health and Longevity? The Kitavan and Okinawa Diets.

In a previous article “Are Very Low Carb Diets Over-rated for Weight Loss“, we looked at comparing very popular diet approaches such as Atkins vs South Beach/Zone diets for the benefits of losing weight. What was the verdict? Well, we saw that with a same protein and calorie load, there was no advantages in weight loss for any…as they all worked.


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