100113 WOD “Jackie”

Workout: “Jackie“, DCF WOD

1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

Post time to comments.


1000 meter row
50 x 45# Thrusters
30 x Pull-ups


1000 meter row
25 x 45# Thruster
15 x Pull-ups


500 meter row
20 x 45# Thrusters
10 x Pull-ups


Article: “Sheriff’s office, Fire-Rescue throw their weight behind ‘Biggest Loser’ challenge”, Palm Beach Post

Here’s a cool story from Florida about a SO and FD that are doing a “Biggest Loser” type of contest.  Good to see this type of thing happening.  The question is, should we do this?



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3 responses to “100113 WOD “Jackie”

  1. Woody

    As Rx’d at ClubOne, once again harder than it looked
    8min. mile run, warmup
    Rowing kinda crushed me for some reason.
    Good workout!
    Thanks Stav!

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