100120 WOD “Dumbell 77s”

Workout: Crossfit Endurance

7 Rounds For time:

Use a pair of 35lbs dumbells or  1 pood Kettlebells
7  Reps, Overhead, anyway, Press, Push press or Push Jerk
7  Reps, Hang Squat Cleans
7 Reps, Lunge steps, (DB’s in rack position, i.e. shoulder level)
7 Reps, DB/KB Swings (swing both DB’s at the same time)
7 Reps, Burpee Dead lifts, (don’t forget to do the push-up part of the burpee at the bottom)

Post time to comments.


Do 7 RD’s with 35lb DB/KB


Do 5 RD’s with 30lb DB/KB


Do 3 RD’s with 25lb DB/KB


Article: “30 Day Health Challenge“, Fitness Spotlight

Have you ever thought about taking a 30 day challenge?  It’s a great way to get started on a life change.  This website is a great resource on how (and why) to get started.  Post any thoughts to comments.


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  1. Ended up riding the bike trainer, and then some intervals on the treadmill. Trying to get ready for Oceanside 70.3 in March!

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