100302 “Mustache March”

Workout: CFE WOD

5 Rounds of:

15 Unbroken Knees to Elbows
Rest 20 sec
20 Unbroken Double Unders
Rest 20 sec
25 Med-Ball Slams, 25lbs
Rest 20 sec

Unbroken means that if you come off the bar or miss a jump, you start that element again until completion”.

Post total time to comments.

I attended the Crossfit Running & Endurance certification this week, at my home gym “Diablo Crossfit“(I missed the photo though!). It was a great weekend, I learned a ton about running and viewing it as a technique and skill, versus something we just go out and do.  I would highly recommend visiting the Crossfit Endurance webpage and checking it out.  Especially if you’re thinking of training for a running, triathlon, biking type of event.


BTW: Mustache March has arrived!  It’s time to grow the ‘stache and be proud!  Click the photo below for the rules.  But basically, have to start 3/1 clean-shaven and grow the best mustache possible.


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