Workouts: Day 1 and 2- Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Todays post will cover A, B, and C shift workouts for the tours starting 6/11/2011.

Day 1 WOD-4 minute drill

Four Minute Tabata drill linked to fire-ground movements:

As many reps as possible in 20 seconds of each followed by 10 seconds of rest. Use the rest interval to transition between movements and to record reps.  It’s best to have someone count, or to write reps down.  Record score for each round, and total reps (with weights used).  Click on movement names for a link to video of how to do them.  All movements are done with bodyweight, except thrusters, those are with dumbbells (35#advanced, 25# intermediate, 15# beginner).

20 sec air squats
10 sec rest
20 sec air squats
10 sec rest
20 sec push ups
10 sec rest
20 sec pushups
10 sec rest
20 sec thrusters (35#/25# dumbbells)
10 sec rest
20 sec thrusters (35#/25# dumbbells)
10 sec rest
20 sec burpees
10 sec rest
20 sec burpees

Post scores to comment section.

Day 2 WOD– Strength and Mini-Metcon

The workout for today will be a strength session, followed by a mini-metcon.  Basically this means we do some lifting, then a short metabolic workout following.  We’ll start with the basic lifts and go from there.  Click on the links to see demo and explanations of the movements.

Strength- Bench Press 5 x 3

This means 5 sets of 3 reps.  The idea is to go up in weight on each set of 3.  Start light and work up to your 3 rep max.  Make sure to have a spotter, or use the rack for safety.  The sets are not timed, rest as needed in between.

Mini-Metcon- “Half Jackie”

For Time:
500 m Row (or 400m run)
25 Thrusters (Advanced: 45lbs (i.e. empty barbell), Intermediate: 20lb Dumbells, Beginner: 10lb DB’s)
15 Pull-ups (Advanced: kip or dead hang, Inter./Beg.: jumping pull ups)

Post weights of bench press and time of mini-metcon to comments.


Day 1 Cardio- 10 minute Time Trial

Spend 10 minutes on the treadmill, elliptical, or rower.  See how far you can go in 10 minutes.  Go as fast as you are comfortable with, but record your distance to compare to later.

Post distance covered to comments.

Day 2 Cardio- Jump rope for time

Do 200 single under jump ropes (beginner/intermediate), or 100 double-unders (advanced)

Here’s a good video on basics of the jump rope.  For those of you wanting to try double-unders, here’s a good video about how to get started on them.

Post time taken for reps to comments.


Day 1 & Day 2  Stretching- Get acquainted with your foam roller.

The stretching will be the same for Day 1 and 2.  Grab the foam roller in your station and download/print this file.  Try some of the techniques each day.  You can also check out this You Tube search for some demos on how to use the foam roller.


Nutrition Article- Grocery Store Seafood: What to Eat and What to Avoid, Marks Daily Apple, 5/18/11

So – what’s common? To make this as objective and universal as possible, I’ll examine the ten most common seafoods consumed by Americans. As of 2009, they were, from most eaten to least eaten: shrimp, canned tuna, salmon, pollock, tilapia, catfish, crab, cod, clams, and pangasius. Shrimp I’ll cover in depth next week, catfish and clams were handled last week, and I covered farmed versus wild salmon a couple years ago, but what about the others? Which are worth eating? Which should be avoided?



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17 responses to “Workouts: Day 1 and 2- Saturday, June 11th, 2011

  1. Bristow

    Looks like a great site Stav! Looking forward to the first workout.

  2. Ken Sebastiani

    Sebastiani on 6-12-2011
    4 min Tabata:
    21 / 22 Squat, 25 / 24 Push ups, 13 / 14 Thrusters w/ 25lbs, 4 / 5 Burpeess
    Total = 128

    3-3-3-3-3 @ 205 Bench press

  3. J. Kelly

    First crossfit workout-
    13/13 squats 19/15 push ups 7/8 thrusters 5/4 burpees
    total 84

  4. srfdfitness

    Way to go guys. Let me know if there’s any questions.

  5. Woody

    10min. Cardio (run) – 1.43m

    Squat – 23, 24
    Pushup – 25, 22
    Thruster – 13, 12
    Burpee – 8, 8

  6. Day 1- did some mobility work with the foam roller before the workout.
    SQ- 22/25
    PU- 22/18
    BU- 10/8

    Day 2-
    Did Tabata Double-Unders to warm up.
    BP 3×5- 135/155/185/205/225(1)
    Half Jackie (with 500m row)- 2:59 (thrusters and pull ups unbroken)

  7. Woody

    Hey, how do you get your picture on that little thingy

  8. Woody

    1m run warmup
    “Half Jackie”
    with 400m run. – 3:09

  9. JonnyA

    SQ- 23/24
    PU- 26/23
    TH- 13/13
    BU- 7/6

  10. Bristow

    E-3C Day 1:

    Gloeckner : 24/24 squats, 25/25 pushups, 9/6 thrusters, 7/7 burpees
    1.3 mile run

    Berg: 24/25 squats, 27/27 pushups, 11/8 thrusters, 6/6 burpees
    1.04 mile run

    Bristow : 23/23 squats, 26/25 pushups, 12/10 thrusters, 7/7 burpees
    1.35 mile run

  11. Bristow

    E-3C Day 2:


    Gloeckner : 135,155,185,195,205
    Berg: 135,155,185,205,235
    Bristow: 135,155,185,205,225

    Half Jackie with run:

    Gloeckner : 3:16
    Berg: 2:48
    Bristow: 2:37

  12. JonnyA

    DAY 2
    Half Jackie with run: 3:26

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