Workouts: Day 1 and 2- Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Welcome to the 3rd tour of workouts, hopefully you are getting a feel for the movements.  Please email or reply on the post with any questions.  Todays post will cover A, B, and C shift workouts for the tours starting 6/23/2011.

Day 1 WOD-

50 Double Unders (or 100 single unders, or sub 25 knee tucks), followed immediately by
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps each of:
Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans (25beginner/35intermediate/45advanced)
Sit-ups (use an AbMat if you have one, or rolled up towel under lumbar for support)

In this workout, you start the clock when you start the double-unders.  As soon as you complete those, you move to the cleans and sit ups.  Do 10 clean, then 10 sit ups, then 9 and 9, etc.  Clock stops when you finish last rep of each.  Here’s a video of the hang power clean with dumbbells.  Look at last weeks post about Double-Unders.

Post scores and weights used to comment section.

Day 2 WOD– Strength and Mini-Metcon

The workout for today will be a strength session, followed by a mini-metcon.  Basically this means we do some lifting, then a short metabolic workout following.  We’ll start with the basic lifts and go from there.  Click on the links to see demo and explanations of the movements.

Strength- Deadlift 5 x 3

This lift used to be called the “health lift“.  There are many benefits to the lift, but it needs to be done safely and correctly.  Watch this video for some essential pointers.  It’s a longer video, but worth it.
This means 5 sets of 3 reps.  The idea is to go up in weight on each set of 3.  Start light and work your way up.  The sets are not timed, rest as needed in between.


“Deadlifts and Burpees”
5 Rounds for time of;

5 Deadlifts (95lb Beginner/135lb Intermediate/225 Advanced)
10 Burpees

Post weights of deadlifts and time of mini-metcon to comments.


Day 1 Cardio- Treadmill Hill Climb

Spend 10 minutes on the treadmill at a moderate speed, but a 10% climbing angle.

Post distance covered to comments.

Day 2 Cardio- 50 Burpees

Do 50 burpees for time.

Post time taken for reps to comments.


For the stretching, I’ll be introducing a great website called “MobilityWOD“.  It’s a free blog by Kelly Starrett, DPT.  Each day different stretching/mobility movements are covered.  Items generally used are foam rollers, a lacrosse (or tennis ball), and some stretching bands.

Day 1 Stretching/Mobility- The 10 Minute Squat Test

Today’s mission is to collect 10 minutes working on the bottom position of your relaxed squat.

Day 2  Stretching/Mobility- 
IT Band Stretch

Do your knees hurt? Hips feel tight? Hard to get in a squat position? Your IT band could be the culprit.  It’s time to invest in a lacrosse ball for about $3 (or use a tennis ball) and work on some mobility.  You will use this cheap and invaluable tool many, many times.   


Nutrition Article-How Light Affects our Sleep“, Mark Sisson.

“Most people are at least cursorily familiar with the concept of the circadian rhythm. For those who aren’t, the circadian rhythm refers to our internal, approximately 24-hour cycle of biochemical, physiological, and behavioral processes. Every living thing, from fungus to bacteria to plant to animal, has a circadian rhythm.”



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6 responses to “Workouts: Day 1 and 2- Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

  1. JonnyA

    Day 1:
    6:11 45#DB plus cardio
    Day 2:
    185, 225, 275, 305, 355 (x3)
    Mini metcon: 6:27

  2. Woody

    Day 1
    50 DU – 2:19 ( not good at those yet)

    Cleans (w/95lb barbell, no dumbells)
    Situps – 4:34

  3. Bristow

    E-3C Day 1 — 45# DB
    Gloeckner : 7:45
    Berg: 8:10
    Bristow: 5:41

    Day 2 —
    Berg 225,245,255,275,285
    Bristow 225,245,275,295,315

    Metcon w/ 225 DL
    Berg 4:54
    Bristow 4:28

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