Workouts: Day 1 and 2- Monday, August 22nd, 2011

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A, B, and C shift workouts for the tours starting 8/22/2011.

Day 1

Warm Up/Skill Practice-

Warm Up– 5 Burpees/10 situps/15 air squats X 2

Skill Practice- Static handstand holds.  Use a wall, or lean legs against a barbell on a rack.  Try to accumulate 2 mins total, take breaks as needed.


For time:

Complete 4 cycles of the movements below, then rest one minute.  Do this for 4 rounds total;

Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans, (Advanced: 45lbs, Intermediate: 35lbs, Beginner: 25lbs)
6 Push Ups
9 Air Squats

Post Total Time to Comments.  Time includes 1 min rest between rounds.

Day 2

Warm Up/Skill Practice-

Warm Up: 1 Min Jump Rope, 10 pull ups, 10 push ups, 10 air squats

WOD– Strength and Mini-Metcon

The workout for today will be a strength session, followed by a mini-metcon.  Basically this means we do some lifting, then a short metabolic workout following.  We’ll start with the basic lifts and go from there.  Click on the links to see demo and explanations of the movements.

Strength-Weighted Pull Ups, 5×5

You can use a weight vest, adding weight each set, or use a dumbbell held between knees or ankles (cross legs to hold it).  The pull ups can be either strick or kipping, but the idea is to get all 5 in a row, without dropping from the bar.


For Time:
15 Back Squats (Advanced: 155lbs, Intermediate: 135lbs, Beginner: 95lbs)
800m Run (Beginner: 400m run)

Post weights of weighted pulls ups and time of mini-metcon to comments.   


Day 1 Cardio-

10 Minute Time-Trial run (cover as much distance as possible).

Post distances to comments.

Day 2 Cardio- 

Tabata row (or run if no rower).  20 seconds on/10 seconds off, for 4 mins total.

Post distances to comments.


For the stretching, we’ll continue using “MobilityWOD“.  It’s a free blog by Kelly Starrett, DPT.  Each day different stretching/mobility movements are covered.  Items generally used are foam rollers, a lacrosse ball (or tennis ball), and some stretching bands.

Day 1 Stretching/Mobility- Going Around the Ankle at MBSC

Hey Mwodies,
Today’s episode is a quick case study in solving a “landing” problem. Usually we make sure the spine is organized and that the hip has full range of motion first. But in the case of this athlete, we have to go all the way downstream to the ankle. Remember, you are a system of systems. Don’t stop hunting till you find the problem. Special shout out to all the great coaches at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning for so generously opening their gym to me.

Day 2  Stretching/Mobility-  It’s Not Rocket Science, it’s the NASA Calf game

Today’s mission is to collect 10 discreet minutes mobilizing your calves.  I have seen a bloody ton of athlete problems of late that include some tight calves. So, see if you can collect 10 minutes a side.  It’s probably gonna take the whole day to get it done. Remember to always try and bury your mobility into the course of your day.


Article: Practice These 3 Movements Everyday

Practice the three SMR exercises displayed below at least once each week to maintain proper hip, back and shoulder function.

Just like there are 3 colors in art that you can make all the other colors with, the 3 primary SMR exercises are the most important self-care exercises to do on a weekly basis to maintain proper function and range of motion.

By practicing these three movements you find your ‘trouble areas’ that make the greatest impact on your movement.

From these three, you then move on to the 16 secondary exercises, then the 41 extended exercises. 

By using the right techniques and tools on a regular basis, you can keep a small problem from becoming  a much larger one. 

You can get details for each movement by clicking the image. It is likely you will need to stretch each day and possibly do these and other SMR exercises for your “trouble areas.” The three movements below are part of the foundation that you build on, and you should revisit them often.

Click here to see all three SMR Categories.

Click here for a printable download of the 3 primary SMR exercises and strategies for using the primary, secondary and extended movements.



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6 responses to “Workouts: Day 1 and 2- Monday, August 22nd, 2011

  1. Woody

    Day 1
    WOD: / Cardio: 10min run
    Santos – 10:37 (35#)
    Woody – 10:49 Rx’d / 1.36mile
    Bunch – 8:09 Rx’d / 1.29mile

    • What did you guys think of the WOD? I wanted to do something similar to “The Chief”, but not quite as brutal. I was thinking the rest periods usually make you able to go harder during the rest of the workout. Keep killing it guys!!

      • Woody

        yea, it was good. You can really go hard each set/round. Of course Kyle wants a :30 rest period, but he’s a freak, can’t keep up with that guy.

  2. Woody

    Day 2
    Bunch – 10lb, 20, 25, 30, 40 /3:29 / 555 meter row (3:10min.)
    Woody – 10, 20, 25, 30, 40 / 3:40 / 677meter row (4min.)
    Marco – 5-5-5-5-5 body weight /4:03 / 610meter row (4min.)

  3. KJ

    Day 1
    WOD: 4 rounds of 4 cycles – 9:35

    Cardio: 10min run – 1.36 miles

  4. KJ

    Day 2


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