Workouts: Day 1 and 2- Sunday, August 28th, 2011

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A, B, and C shift workouts for the tours starting 8/28/2011.

Day 1

Warm Up/Skill Practice-

Warm Up– 400m Run or 500m row/10 push ups/10 sit ups/10 air squats

Skill Practice- Bridge Ups.  These are skills taken from a great site, GymnasticsWOD, by a buddy of mine Carl Paoli.



95# Thruster


65# Thruster
Band Assisted or Jumping Pull-ups


45# (Just Barbell) Thruster
Band Assisted or Jumping Pull-ups

Post time and weights used to comments.  

Day 2

Warm Up/Skill Practice-

Warm Up: 10 burpees/10 sit ups, mobilize shoulders.

WOD– Strength and Mini-Metcon

The workout for today will be a strength session, followed by a mini-metcon.  Basically this means we do some lifting, then a short metabolic workout following.  We’ll start with the basic lifts and go from there.  Click on the links to see demo and explanations of the movements.

Strength- Back Squat 5 x 5

This means 5 sets of 5 reps.  The idea is to go up in weight on each set of 5.  Start light and work up to your 5 rep max.  Make sure to use the rack for safety.  The sets are not timed, rest as needed in between.  Here’s some great instruction on the back squat from Chris Lallane (Jack Lallane’s nephew).


“The Newbie”

1 Round for time of;

400m Run (or 500m row)
10 Pull Ups
20 Push Ups
30 Sit Ups
40 Air Squats

Post weights of back squats and time of mini-metcon to comments.  Compare to Newbie times to June 17th.   


Day 1 Cardio- Treadmill Hill Climb

Spend 10 minutes on the treadmill at a moderate speed, but a 10% climbing angle.

Post distance covered to comments.

Day 2 Cardio- 50 Burpees

Do 50 burpees for time.

Post time taken for reps to comments.


For the stretching, we’ll continue using “MobilityWOD“.  It’s a free blog by Kelly Starrett, DPT.  Each day different stretching/mobility movements are covered.  Items generally used are foam rollers, a lacrosse ball (or tennis ball), and some stretching bands.

Day 1 Stretching/Mobility- Improving the Front Rack

Hey Supple Leopards,
Today’s Mission finds us in Canton, MA at the Reebok World HQ. I’m not gonna lie, being surrounded by 10 foot posters of incredible athletes is more than just a little inspiring. It also reminds me that the mission of the Mobility Project is not just to protect athletes from injury, or to help heal old issues, but rather to make the best athletes in the world better. With that, check out today’s misson with super freak Spencer Hendel. Remember, your set up dictates how you finish. Enter the tunnel well.

Day 2  Stretching/Mobility-  Set up the Knee ‘Hinge’ Joint so It Will Actually Hinge

Today’s mission is an example of why torsional stability at the hip is so important for the downstream structures of the knee and ankle.  If the hip isn’t in an externally rotated position during flexion, it’s less likely that the knee will also be in a closed circuit (stable and organized) position. In the case of this athlete, his hip ROM deficits express themselves in poor knee organization.  It turns out hinge joints only really hinge well if they aren’t “kinked” or poorly organinzed.  Remember to work up and down stream  of the “problem” and mobilize those systems that are tight.


Article: Are Oats Healthy?“, Marks Daily Apple

You know how we say that grains exist on a spectrum of suitability, from “really bad” wheat to “not so terrible” rice? Well, what about the rest of ‘em? They may be the most commonly consumed (and thus encountered) grains, but wheat and rice aren’t the only grains on the spectrum. Since I get a lot of email about oats, I figured they were a good choice for this post. Besides – though I was (and still mostly am) content to toss the lot of them on the “do not eat” pile, I think we’re better served by more nuanced positions regarding grains. Hence, my rice post. Hence, my post on traditionally prepared grains. And hence, today’s post on oats. Not everyone can avoid all grains at all times, and not everyone wants to avoid all grains at all times. For those situations, it makes sense to have a game plan, a way to “rank” foods.

(click link for rest of article)



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2 responses to “Workouts: Day 1 and 2- Sunday, August 28th, 2011

  1. Woody

    Day 1
    Warmup / no bridgeups
    “Fran” – Cardio: 10min run at 3 incline
    Santos – 4:05 / 70# / blue pullup band / 1.25
    Thomas – 3:47 / 55# / green pullup band / .98m
    Woody – 3:20 Rx’d
    Bunch – 3:21 Rx’d
    Roy – DNP (did not play)

  2. Woody

    Day 2
    Strength / “Newbie” – (3rounds)
    Santos – 135-155-175-185-200 / 3:38 1st rd. (12:22 3 rds.)
    Bunch – 180-205-225-245-255 / 3:38 1st rd. (11:43 3rds.)
    Woody – 205-225-255-275-285 / 3:23 1st rd. (12:10 3rds.)
    Thomas – 135-185-205-215-225 / 3:45 1st rd. (13:10 3rds.)
    Roy – DNP (did not play)
    Burpees were done but not timed

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