Workouts: Day 1 and 2- Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Welcome to SRFD Fitness.   The purpose of this website is further wellness and fitness in our department.  Please feel free to look around, follow the workouts and post on the website.   You can subscribe to the posts on the right side, click “Sign Me Up”.  Also, email or reply on the post with any questions.

We’ve added some cardio/movement workouts.  Great place to start for a more traditional style workout.  Please email with any questions or suggestions.

Please read the “Welcome SRFD, Start Here” page.  It contains important information about the website, how to follow the workouts, and what to do when starting out.

A, B, and C shift workouts for the tours starting 11/2/2011.

Day 1- 


12 minute jog on treadmill.


3 x 5 squat
3 x 15 back extension
3 x 10 press

Day 2-


5 min run as fast as possible on treadmill.


3 x 10 bench press
3 x 10 incline DB press
3 x 5 Deadlift

Post totals to comments.


Day 1

Warm Up400m run 10 burpees/10 sit ups X 2.

Skill Practice- Overhead squat with PVC or bar weight only, 5 x 3.


Complete as many rounds in 10 minutes as you can of:

15 Push-ups,
12 Ring dips, (Advanced: Ring Dips RX/Intermediate & Beginner: bar dips)
9   Push-press (Advanced: 115lbs/Intermediate: 95lbs/Beginner: 45lbs).

Post rounds completed and weights used to comments.  

Day 2

Warm Up: 400m run/500m row

Skill Practice:  Strict Pullups. (no kipping or jumping). Do 3 sets, max effort each set.

WOD– Strength and Mini-Metcon

The workout for today will be a strength session, followed by a mini-metcon.  Basically this means we do some lifting, then a short metabolic workout following.  We’ll start with the basic lifts and go from there.  Click on the links to see demo and explanations of the movements.

Strength- 5 x 5 Weighted Pull Ups

This means 5 sets of 5 reps each of power clean.  Try to go up in weight each set.  Use a dumbell between the knees or ankles, or hang a kettlebell from a hose strap.


As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes.

5 dead hang pull ups (Advanced: 5 reps, Intermediate: 3 reps, Beginner: 5 ring rows)
10 hang power cleans with dumbbells (Advanced: 45lbs, Intermediate: 35lbs, Beginner: 25lbs)
20 air squats

Post weights of power cleans and time of mini-metcon to comments.


For stretching, we’ll continue using “MobilityWOD“.  It’s a free blog by Kelly Starrett, DPT.  Each day different stretching/mobility movements are covered.  Items generally used are foam rollers, a lacrosse ball (or tennis ball), and some stretching bands.  Check in there daily for a new stretch, or search the site for older ones.


Article: The Fast Food Revolutionary“,

[mag1111food] “The difference between Chipotle and other fast-food restaurants is when our employees walk in, they see food. They have to cook. They have to chop.” –Steve Ells

This has been a year when the attention of the food world has been drawn to indie abattoirs and hydrocolloid-obsessed Spaniards, to tomato-farm slavery and shark-fin pirates, to foie gras trucks and $900 meals where you can’t tell the entrees from the plates, to mad chefs wielding liquid-nitrogen canisters and gentler souls instructing you on how to cook and eat your Christmas tree. And yet the most innovative man in the world of food at the moment is Chipotle founder Steve Ells, whose quiet insistence on well-raised meat and local and organic produce at his multibillion-dollar chain is changing the way America eats, one humongous burrito at a time.

(click link for rest of article)

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