Thursday, October 4th, 2012: FF Near Miss, Mobility, and Cancer Prevention.

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Article: “Fit Enough For the Unexpected“, Firefighter Near Miss

From the article: “A fit firefighter is a fireground necessity. The tasks a firefighter performs are labor intensive, can have long duration, and often have a ballistic quality. The time and place a fitness level may be challenged is an unknown. Maximum effort may be required with no notice. In concert with this month’s Near-Miss Safety Calendar topic, Firefighter/EMT Fitness, the following example affirms the benefits of adequate fitness.”

Click here to continue reading.

There are some great questions on page 3 of this article.  Take some time to consider these for yourself;

1. How would you rate your current fitness level?
2. Would you have adequate flexibility and upper body strength to extract yourself from a similar situation as the one described in
3. What is your total weight when dressed in your full PPE and SCBA? What is the difference between your body weight and your PPE/SCBA weight?
4. How much time do you spend on flexibility training, strength training and aerobic training each week?
5. When was your last fitness assessment?


I would encourage everyone to keep checking out “MobilityWOD“.  It’s a free blog by Kelly Starrett, DPT.  Each day different stretching/mobility movements are covered.  Items generally used are foam rollers, a lacrosse ball (or tennis ball), and some stretching bands.  Check in there daily for a new stretch, or search the site for older ones.

You can browse each day, or better yet, search by specific stretch (shoulder, knee, etc).

Article: Losing Weight, Getting Fit, can Reduce Chance of Breast Cancer“, USA Today

Women can’t control the things that most strongly shape their risk: age, race, family history and the ages at which they hit puberty and menopause. And while having kids before 30 appears to offer some protection, few women time their pregnancies with the risk of breast cancer in mind.

Yet experts say women can embrace one prevention strategy with unequivocal benefits: exercise. “One of the most important ways women can think about prevention is by maintaining a healthy weight throughout adulthood,” says the American Cancer Society‘s Susan Gapstur. “Ways to achieve that are clearly through eating a healthy diet and being physically active.”

(click link for rest of article)


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